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Today, we’re going to talk about work/life balance. Because it’s a thing that so many of us struggle with- more people than ever now with work from home orders, that I think we should talk about it.  I know the idea of working from home, or the idea of being your own boss sounds amazing. […]

First off, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  SEO is all about tuning up your website so that it ranks better in search engines.  You want your website to show up on the first page of Google when someone types in a question.   The goal is to get your website to show up on the […]

Olesya Oligradska is an exercise rehab specialist turned business and mindset mentor. Her passion lies in helping women rewire their beliefs and reclaim their worth so they can sell and grow their business with confidence. She is on a mission to help women build a life of freedom and choice through holistic growth inside and […]

Today we’re going to talk about creating a freebie because doing so gives so many benefits to your business, like for example it can help grow your following or e-mail list, it helps build trust between you and your following, and it helps position yourself as an expert, just to name a few.  So first […]

5 Common Mindset Struggles Boss Babes Struggle with in Their Biz I’m going to start right off by saying: Having the right mindset is key to having a successful business. But all too often, we get into our own heads and we chip away at our strong mindset with our self doubt. We question ourselves, […]

Ahhh Instagram. The ever changing, ever frustrating but necessary social media platform for business. Instagram is a beautiful thing for us boss babes! It’s a great, and FREE, marketing tool! But even so, there are so many people who struggle with getting the most out of the app. One of the biggest struggles? Gaining followers. […]

With Chaya Gutnick Meet Chaya! Chaya Gutnick is someone who helps business owners create simple systems so that they can get things done faster. In her last full time employee position, she was able to complete her work in 15 hours a week. So when she was looking to start consulting and looking into how […]

Are you struggling with productivity? Have you started on this business venture, or heck! Maybe you’ve been rocking it for a few years, but you’re struggling with managing your time? Struggling to know how to prioritize? Struggling to know what to work on first? Let’s get real. Time management is HARD STUFF and when you […]

Owning Where You Are and Sharing Your Biz Journey with Confidence It can be really tough when you’re starting a business to feel confident in what you do and what you’re selling. Honestly, it can feel tough even when you’ve been doing it, for any amount of time. Sometimes we just all get inside our […]

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Lost in Love, Not the Woods Kelsey and Marc.. where do I start. These two were so sweet, fun, and just flat out amazing to be around. They have the cutest love story and chemistry that can be felt as soon as you meet them. But no need to hear it all from me! Keep […]

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