Episode 10: Common Mindset Struggles with Boss Babes

August 12, 2020

5 Common Mindset Struggles Boss Babes Struggle with in Their Biz I’m going to start right off by saying: Having the right mindset is key to having a successful business. But all too often, we get into our own heads and we chip away at our strong mindset with our self doubt. We question ourselves, […]

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5 Common Mindset Struggles Boss Babes Struggle with in Their Biz

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10. Common Mindset Struggles for Boss Babes

I’m going to start right off by saying: Having the right mindset is key to having a successful business. But all too often, we get into our own heads and we chip away at our strong mindset with our self doubt.

I’m going to start right off by saying: Having the right mindset is key to having a successful business. But all too often, we get into our own heads and we chip away at our strong mindset with our self doubt. We question ourselves, our products or services, we compare ourselves to others, we hit a bump in the road; and then that strong mindset we THOUGHT we had, starts to crumble and we wonder what we’re even DOING on this journey and trying to be our own boss. Let me tell you something right now, mastering a strong mindset, has the ability to get you through anything, and I mean literally anything, on your business journey. So what are the things that we struggle with the most when it comes to our mindset? This episode is going to go over 5 common mindset struggles for boss babes.

Now you’re probably wondering when you hear me talk about mindset, “Molly, what does my mindset have to do with my business?” Girl. It has EVERYTHING to do with your business. I love being a business owner. It’s given me so much freedom and control over my life- which are usually some of the very reasons that people want to START a business but, there will be challenges on this entrepreneur journey. I’m just being honest. And mastering your mindset and setting your expectations is going to help you move through those difficult times with confidence and encouragement that you’ll come out the other end. 

So what are some of the things that boss babes commonly struggle with when it comes to mindset? 

1. Needing Constant Praise

So often in the business world there will be periods of time where all you will hear are crickets, and that can be HARD. It can make you start to wonder if you’re even WORTHY of success and it can make you want to give up before the crickets end and the success arrives.

So let’s address this one. Getting constant praise would be nice wouldn’t it? Not even just in business but in all aspects of life! I know I would eat it up. But the reality is, that doesn’t happen. Again, there will be times of complete and utter silence in your business (except for the crickets). We all have slow periods or seasons. It’s normal. But what you need to understand is that just because no one is biting, or liking, or commenting, or whatever, doesn’t mean you aren’t still making an impact or that they aren’t still watching, and reading, and listening to what you have to say. 

While it’s nice to receive constant praise, understand that while people might not be engaging, they’re watching. They’re seeing you show up and they’re seeing you present yourself as the expert. Know that constant praise, isn’t always an indicator of success. People can be “silently” praising and “silently” engaging in your business as well. Your job is to remind yourself of that when things get a little slow or quiet because you ARE WORTHY of that success that you’re working towards! And you will get there!

It can be so hard for us boss babes because we tend to follow all of our role models online and we see all their success, but success doesn’t happen overnight and it sure didn’t for them either! Success comes when you put your blinders on, do the work, and show up for the people in your circle RIGHT NOW. When you do that, you’ll start seeing the progress that you want. So when you feel like you’re not getting any engagement, you’re hearing the crickets, you starting wondering if you’re worthy of that success- remember- who never know who’s watching you, and you’re worthy. 

Don’t let the crickets drive you to giving up before that “success” arrives. It takes time! So keep showing up, do that work, and know that you’ve got this! You’re impacting more people than you know!

2. Sharing Your Passion with Your Audience

So what do I mean by that? I mean, When you KNOW you have a good product or service and you know it can change lives, or make an impact, or just that you would be the best provider for them, but you struggle with getting that across to others. You struggle with sharing that passion. Because, whether you realize this is the problem or not, you hate feeling “salesy.”

Let me start by saying if you AREN’T passionate about your product or your service then you’re in the wrong business. You absolutely, 100% need to be PASSIONATE about what you’re selling because people don’t buy products or services, they buy your passion. They buy your story and your WHY. And if you aren’t passionate about your product or service, why should they be? Why should they trust you and work with you?

When you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you need to share that passion. When you do, it makes “selling” so much easier. Selling doesn’t have to feel slimy, or uncomfortable. If you, again, are passionate about your product or service, and truly believe in what you have to offer, then share your experiences, share your heart, BE OPEN AND TRANSPARENT and let your passion shine through all of your content. When you do that, you’ll be showing others not just what you do, but WHY you do it. Why you’re the best person for them to work with.

So if you’re feeling weird about sharing your passion with your audience- you shouldn’t. Being open, transparent, and authentic is what’s going to help you move that needle forward in your business. It’s going to build that know-like-trust factor with your following, and when you share your passion, your personality is going to shine through right along with it which will allow you to connect on a deeper level with your following!

If you don’t believe me that sharing your passion is important, think about the people that YOU following and look up to! How often do you feel like they’re actually just “selling” to you, compared to how many times they’re passionate, real, and authentic? When they’re real about what they do and why, doesn’t that draw you in more? Don’t you feel that connection with them? Like WOW, they’re just like me! 

Don’t be worried about letting your passion shine through your work and content. Again, if anything, it’ll make your followers feel more drawn to you and what you offer!

3. Imposter syndrome! 

Imposter Syndrome is unfortunately an all too real, and all too common stressor that all boss babes deal with throughout their business journey, and at all points of their business journey. It’s not something you magically outgrow.   Sometimes, regardless of knowing that  you’re  good at what you do and that you have many happy clients, sometimes we just can’t seem to shake the “not good enough” feeling.

So what do you do? How do we work through this mindset struggle? Episode 2 dives deep into ways you can combat imposter syndrome, but if I had to sum it up for you in one point, it would be to put on your blinders. 

I think one of the biggest reasons we all suffer from imposter syndrome is because we get stuck comparing ourselves to what others in our industry, or heck! Just what other entrepreneurs are doing. When we start focusing on others in our industry, we start wondering “Should I be doing more? Should I be doing that?” or we think things like “I just want to be as good as they are! Or get as many likes as they do, or make as much money.” instead of focusing on how we can serve our current audience well.

The best advice I can give is advice I heard from Jenna Kutcher earlier this year, she said when she was first starting, she unfollowed all similar accounts because she found herself comparing her work and business to others, and it lead to imposter syndrome feelings and analysis paralysis- which none of us want. 

So if you know that you’re good at what you do, and you have happy clients to prove it but you’re still feeling like you’re not enough, it’s time to PUT ON YOUR BLINDERS. Unfollow the accounts that make you feel “less than,” and start focusing more on how you can serve your current following SUPER well.

Molly Krajewski, Molly Krajewski Photography, Molly Krajewski Education, ProprietHER, ProprietHER the Podcast, Business Advice, Marketing Advice, Marketing Strategy, Business and Marketing, Business mindset, boss babe mindset
Social Squares

4. Other people’s opinions

Have you ever purchased something online and you loved it SO MUCH you actually went to leave a review? It’s very rare I take the time to leave a review, but when I do, it’s because I LOVED that product or service. Usually when I go to leave a review, I scroll through other ones.. Does anyone else do this? And when I see a bad one I’m always baffled. I really am. How could this person leave such a bad review when I absolutely LOVED this service or product?!

The answer? You cannot make everyone happy. People will always have their opinions. Whether they think you’re crazy for starting your business, they think your product is weird or unnecessary, they just want to judge you to judge you- You cannot please everyone. You will never be EVERYONE’s cup to tea. I hate saying that, because I hate thinking that I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and I hate thinking that you can’t be too, but it’s the honest to goodness truth. 

It’s hard to put yourself out there if you’re worried about what others will think. But if you don’t put yourself out there, if you don’t 100% commit to this business and share your passion with conviction, I can guarantee you will not last. 

I recently read a quote and it said something like “No millionaire ever got where they are by caring that someone thought their idea was stupid. They just went and did it anyway.” That cannot be more true and was actually the case for one of Netflix’s co-founders Marc Randolph! I listened to him at a conference where he was saying how people thought the idea of Netflix was crazy and would never work- GOOD THING HE DIDN”T LISTEN RIGHT?! 

It’s hard NOT to care. And the only advice I have is to again put on your blinders- but to just DO IT. Take a deep breath, push through the anxiety, and just put yourself out there. Screw other people’s opinions. And honestly, if you push through, I can guarantee you, you will see results. 

It’s tough for sure, but once you do it a few times, it gets easier. And the only way to be successful in your business adventure is to be CONFIDENT about why you’re on this journey in the first place. Because if you’re not confident in your business, how can you expect your following to be? So who cares what they’ll think? Again if it’s something your passionate about and you know you’re good at, take a deep breath, and just KEEP DOING IT. Keep showing up, being authentic, and being you.

5. Staying positive and calm in negative or hostile situation

At some point, someone might want a refund, or might be unsatisfied, or you might just meet a miserable person on your business journey, or you might genuinely make a mistake or let something slip through the cracks- we are all human after all. It happens to the best of us.

And when it does? It can be really hard to stay positive and not want to just give up and quit, or to defend yourself with all the sass your body can muster. 

But this struggle ties in with the last one. We have to remember, that we are not everyone’s cup of tea. At some point, you might hit a negative or hostile situation in your business, and when that happens, I’ve learned to just apologize, no matter what, and offer to do what you can. It’s really that simple. The golden rule comes into play here and you really just have to treat others how you would want to be treated. 

However, there are ways to hopefully avoid any negative or hostile situations and this goes back to being as authentic and consistent as possible across all your platforms. If people can get to know you and see your work and its consistent, they’re going to know what to expect. But if you’re showing inconsistent work across all platforms and your personality is all over the place (like you’re the fake you online only for them to meet a totally different boss babe in person) , then they’re NOT going to know what to expect when working with you and you’re way more likely to run into an issue. 

So while, back in common struggle #4, you might be worried about what others will think, it’s a lot better to push through that fear and be your true self, than to put on one persona online, and another persona comes out when a client works with you. 

One of the biggest secrets to success is consistency, so make sure you’re consistent in your work, and your messaging. 

Put on your blinders, Be authentic, be consistent,  and let that passion shine through. When you do those things, all these common mindset struggles will become easier and easier for you with practice!

To wrap it up

Let’s go over three action items we can do today to move the needle forward:

  1. Action step #1: Make a social media post today that’s personal. Share about your passion for you business and why you’re so passionate about your product or service!
  2. Action step #2:  Unfollow the accounts you feel you tend to compare yourself to. You can always re-follow them later in life but for now, do yourself a favor and unfollow them so you can focus on YOU, Your following, and your business. 
  3. Action step #3: Review the content and wording that you have across all platforms so you can make sure you, your products, and your business are showing up consistently to your audience.


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