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Today’s episode is with Roberta West! Roberta loves everything branding and tech. She is on a mission to make your journey into the onlinebusiness world a lot less complicated and a lot more beautiful with her Marketing Kits and Funnels for creative brands. SHOW NOTES: “Everybody knows that you should be looking into your revenue and […]

Today we’re going to talk about what to do during your off season because let’s be real, we all have “off seasons” or “slow seasons” whether we plan them or not. The point of this episode is to equip you with what you can do when you find yourself smack dab in the middle of […]

Today’s episode is with Emily Grass. Emily is a yoga educator that specializes in helping Empaths. She uses the tools of yoga to help Empaths trust their intuition, protect their energy, and sharpen their superpower, and does this through movement, meditation, and mindfulness training. SHOW NOTES: “If we don’t learn how to disconnect, sometimes it […]

Today we’re going to talk about your website. We want your clients to feel that you’re the perfect fit for them as soon as they land on your homepage. Today, we’re going to talk about the most common mistakes I see boss babes make on their websites, and how to fix them! Let’s make your […]

Today’s episode is an interview with Melissa Badine. Melissa’s business originated as a brick and mortar business when she was 17. She is a Registered Massage Therapist but while taking continuing education classes, she was able to find her passion deepen with practices within a body, mind and soul connection.  She found through tapping into […]

Today, I’m sharing how to set expectations with your clients so that you are consistently leaving clients happy and willing to share about you and your business. Most of the time when a business experiences an unhappy client, it’s because clear expectations were never set. Listen in for my 4 tips on how to set […]

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Hey Everyone! I hope you enjoy this guest post from Lenny Richardson! Lenny Richardson is the Co-Founder of the Digital Marketing Company Affinity Agency and is also a Real Estate Advisor licensed and living in Northern Virginia within the Leesburg area. For Lenny, the ultimate goal is to reach a point in life when you […]

Welcome to ProprietHER, this is episode 16! Today, we’re going to go over the 3 questions I get asked the most. As I said, the women who have asked these questions range from people JUST starting out, to women who have been in business for years, and who you wouldn’t think have any questions, so […]

Sahar is a life coach, an online business strategist, a wellness blogger at Earth and Spoon and the founder of the Pin to Profit Blueprint Pinterest course. She became a multi-passionate entrepreneur in the thick of having her 4 kids and is now on a mission to empower ambitious mamas to start, sell and scale […]

Today, we’re going to talk about work/life balance. Because it’s a thing that so many of us struggle with- more people than ever now with work from home orders, that I think we should talk about it.  I know the idea of working from home, or the idea of being your own boss sounds amazing. […]

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