Episode 2: Struggling with Imposter Syndrome? Let’s Squash it.

July 6, 2020

Own where you are and learn how to push past those feelings of Imposter Syndrome Are you having an identity crisis? Do you feel like a fake when you so “oh I’m a _(enter your business profession here)__” Is it hard for you to even say that? If you’re getting imposter syndrome- it’s so natural […]

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Own where you are and learn how to push past those feelings of Imposter Syndrome

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2. Struggling with Imposter Syndrome? Let’s Squash it.

Struggling with Imposter Syndrome? Let’s Squash it.     Are you having an identity crisis? Do you feel like a fake when you so “oh I’m a _(enter your business profession here)__” Is it hard for you to even say that? If you’re getting imposter syndrome- it’s so natural and I feel it all the time!

Are you having an identity crisis? Do you feel like a fake when you so “oh I’m a _(enter your business profession here)__” Is it hard for you to even say that? If you’re getting imposter syndrome- it’s so natural and I feel it all the time! And if you feel it, it’s really just a sign that you’re stepping into this new season of life.

We’re going to talk about the all too common feeling of Imposter Sydrome. Do you ever feel like you don’t belong in your industry? Do you feel unqualified, unsure of where to start, or just afraid of failure? 

That “I have no business doing this” feeling is real and common. 

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Imposter syndrome can be debilitating. It can lead to a bad case of analysis paralysis and as business owners- that’s the last thing we want to have happen. We don’t want something to stop our momentum. 

So we all know what imposter syndrome is but I want to say that it affects everyone differently. We all experience it in different ways, based on our different personalities. 

Maybe you’re a perfectionist who can’t enjoy her success because she’s always thinking she could’ve done better, maybe you’re an over achiever and need external validation instead of feeling content with getting your own stamp of approval, maybe you’re someone who wants to appear as though everything comes quick and easy for you and if it takes you a little bit longer to master something you feel stupid and incapable, maybe You’re the independent you feels like a failure when she has to ask for help, or maybe you’re someone loves being seen as an expert, but is always scared that you’re never going to appear experienced enough or knowledgeable enough (spoiler, that’s me).

Imposter Syndrome affects us all differently but there are things we can do to squash it. And that’s what we’re going to dive into now.

Tip number 1.) Utilize your support system. This is different for everyone. It could be your husband or boyfriend, it could be your mom or dad, or it could be your bestie. Nominate someone in your close circle to be your cheerleader. Find someone who is going to give you permission to take the leap and start this new chapter. A lot of times with imposter syndrome, we’re worried what others will think right? So find someone close to you who will cheer you on, build you up, tell you how proud they are of you, and essentially, fill your confidence tank up so you have the fuel to keep going.

Now maybe you don’t have a business yet. Maybe you just have an idea, but you’re unclear on how to take action. Maybe you’re thinking “I’m not a qualified business owner,” and that’s whats fueling that imposter syndrome to slow your game. I still want you to find a support system, or an accountability partner. Here’s the thing- in today’s world, we put so much pressure on titles as an indicator of success. When someone asks you the dreaded “what do you do for a living,” we hate admitting that we’re “figuring it out”, or that we have an idea we’re pursing, or heck! We even hate admitting that we’re doing anything creative or entrepreneurial at all! Society likes short, quick, and easy to digest labels. We feel the need to give quick polished answers because if we don’t, we have to explain and see people question what we’re doing, or question our potential success. 

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Tip number 2.) Embrace Where You Are. The more you embrace where you’re at, rather than envying or worrying about where you are not, you’ll grow. I want you be thinking “I DON’T know how to run a business- but I’m not going to worry about” I want you to just be putting one foot in front of the other, show up online daily, and see what happens. I recently heard some awesome advice from Jenna Kutcher during my business group that I wish I had heard when I first started! She said that in her beginning, she unfollowed all people in her industry because she found herself constantly comparing herself to them and found herself feeling “less than.” WHO ELSE CAN RELATE TO THAT!? I know I can! And sometimes when we focus too much on what others are doing, especially if they’re where we want to end up, we can try replicating what they do or have and then we’re not being true to ourselves. So stop focusing on what you don’t know, and focus on what you have the ability to do right now. Put your blinders on and keep yourself focused on who you can reach, serve, and impact right where you are. Give yourself the permission to be successful and understand that you don’t have to be qualified or certified to make a difference in someone’s life! Don’t worry about having the perfect plan, just let it go, and start where you are. 

Tip number 3. Get to learnin’! When you feel like a fraud, instead of trying to hide or fake it until you make it- embrace it. Now I know that sounds weird. But I want you to admit that you’re unsure or inexperienced and then go find out about it! Or have someone teach you about whatever it is you’re pursuing. If you want to get from point A to point B, something’s got to give. Your best thinking and tactics got you to where you are right now. So if you want to GET to point B, you’re going to need help. So go seek that help. Find a mentor, take a course, listen to podcasts, read, do whatever it is that will educate you in your new niche. People are going to respect you for owning where you are and seeking the wisdom of others. Bonus points if you share what you’re learning when you’re learning it! People LOVE feeling like they’re along for a journey and a part of the process, so don’t be afraid to share!

Tip number 4. Prepare Yourself for all Outcomes.  The best business advice I ever read was to be prepared to fail and don’t be afraid to fail. Now I’m not telling you to be negative and expect the failure, I’m telling you to prepare for it. Let’s put it this way: if you don’t prepare for it, and you launch something that is a total flop- You’re going to feel like life just sucker punched you in the face. BUT when you prepare for it, you’re equipping yourself to be able to respond, absorb the blow, and then pivot. You’re going to recover faster if you prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Failure is apart of life, it’s how we respond to failure that counts.

Tip number 5 Do the Work. Listen. There is no easy button in the entrepreneurial world. If there were, we’d ALLLL be pushing it. If you really want to stop feeling like you don’t belong, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves, dig your heels in, and do the hard work. It’s hard when we see our role models in this space being so successful, and we just want to be there with them. We don’t have the patience to build up a strong business foundation because we just want to be to our end goal, or point B already. But hear me when I say- People are rewarded in public because they practiced and worked their BUTT off in private. The stuff that we do in private- that’s the messy stuff. That’s the stuff that a lot of people don’t share. It’s the nights where we cry because we’re not seeing the growth we wanted to. What might look glamorous and easy to someone now, doesn’t mean they didn’t start right where you did- at the beginning. You have to dig in, do the work, learn the hard way, ask questions, fail, and get up and try again. 

Imposter syndrome won’t go away just because you do something impressive- it’ll go away when you press in and work hard. When you do the work, show up everyday, take action day after day, you’ll not only see results in your business, but you’re going to start becoming more and more confident because you’ll be seeing all of the work you’ve put in. 

Do your best, start where you are and remain committed. 

To wrap it up let’s go over three action items we can do today to move the needle forward:

  1. Action step #1: Choose who you’re going to nominate as your accountability partner! Let them know that you need them to build you up and encourage you. TELL THEM HOW YOU’RE FEELING so that they can best support you. Ask them to check in on you, or just be a “vitural” support but liking all your posts, commenting on them, and sharing them!
  2. Action Step #2: Write down one thing that you can do right now to serve the audience you already have. Maybe it’s sharing your story and how you’re starting this new  business journey, maybe it’s being real and talking about how you’ve been suffering from imposter syndrome lately and see who else in your audience relates to those feelings, maybe it’s offering some specific tips from within your new niche. Pick one thing, and share it with your following today. 
  3. Action Step #3: Figure out what educational resource you’re going to dive into to become more knowledge on your new journey. I believe in doing some sort of personal or business development for 30 minutes every day. Subscribe to this podcast to help you with business tactics, buy a book that will help you, take a course in your specific niche- pick an educational resource and start committing to fueling your mind for 30 minutes a day. *Side note- this doesn’t have to take extra time out of your day! I love podcasts because you can listen while doing laundry, driving, getting ready, etc. So there should be no excuses!

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