Kelsey & Marc: Woodgate New York Engagement Session

July 14, 2020

Lost in Love, Not the Woods Kelsey and Marc.. where do I start. These two were so sweet, fun, and just flat out amazing to be around. They have the cutest love story and chemistry that can be felt as soon as you meet them. But no need to hear it all from me! Keep […]

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Lost in Love, Not the Woods

Kelsey and Marc.. where do I start. These two were so sweet, fun, and just flat out amazing to be around. They have the cutest love story and chemistry that can be felt as soon as you meet them. But no need to hear it all from me! Keep scrolling to hear more about their love story straight from them!

Kelsey and Marc, I cannot WAIT to get you two back in front of my camera on the big day! Sending so much love your way until then!

How Did You Two Meet?

Bride-to-be: Marc and I met 9 years ago at a mutual friends birthday party in high school. We both had significant others at the time but secretly I thought he was pretty cute. In 2017 we reconnected through social media when I got a new phone and posted for people to text me so I had their numbers. Marc messaged me on Facebook giving only his number. So obviously my first reaction was to text him. Then 3 years later here we are! 

Groom-to-be: we met exactly 9 years ago on August 10th at a mutual friends birthday party

Tell Us About Your First Date!

Bride-to-be:  Our first date I consider it to be when I made Marc dinner. I made him a vegetarian pasta dish which was funny because never in his life did he think he’d eat a vegetarian meal! That day I went to his apartment and cooked a nice big dinner and he didn’t warn me how much of a mans apartment it was! I had to not only bring every bit of ingredients but also had to make sure I brought the correct utensils. He also did not warn me how easy it was to set the fire alarm off so as I was boiling the pasta the steam set it off and I felt like my cheeks were on fire! I was so embarrassed until he told me it happens all the time. But that’s not even the best part! To stop the alarm he grabbed a hockey stick and hit it right off the wall until it turned off. He showed off his true Canadian side haha! From there we had so much fun just talking, eating, and sharing all of our life’s interests. 

Groom-to-be: Our first date was a double date at Applebee’s with Kelsey’s friends… at least that’s what I consider as our first date, but our first real time meeting each other she came over to my house and cooked me a vegetarian meal, THEN set the fire alarm off which I fixed with a righteous swing of my hockey stick.

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Tell Us About Your First Kiss!

Bride-to-be: Ahhh the kiss I’ll never forget! We went to Applebee’s for our first restaurant date and it was a double date with some friends. We hung out there for a couple of hours just talking and eating with everyone and when the night was over Marc walked me to my car. We sat at my car talking for a little bit more and in my mind I wanted him to kiss me so badly! But he was being a gentleman and didn’t want to make the move unless he knew I wanted to. So as we were leaving we were hugging and when we stopped I looked up at him as our noses were practically touching waiting for him to kiss me…we awkwardly stood at this position for a good 1-2 minutes before I finally leaned in and kissed him. From there he never hesitated to kiss me again.

Groom-to-be: Our first kiss was pretty awkward….. we were at the double date with her friends and when the night was over I walked her to her car (thinking I was being romantic) and we talked in the parking lot for twenty minutes or so (as I worked up the courage to kiss her) she hugged me and then looked into my eyes and I, once again thinking I was being romantic, did the same but I still didn’t have the courage to kiss her, so she obviously got sick of waiting so she kissed me.

Tell Us About the Proposal!

Bride-to-be: The proposal couldn’t have been more perfect! We spent the day looking for Halloween costumes for a party we had the next day and when we got home we were going to take Buck, our chocolate lab, out for a walk through a beautiful trail in our backyard. It was one of those perfect fall days where the leaves were in peak it was warm but not too hot out…perfect sweater weather… and as we were on our walk Marc told me to throw a stick for our dog and he would take a video of it. This wasn’t out of the ordinary for us because we always made slow motion videos of buck running through the woods. So I threw the stick and went to run towards buck when I hear Marc yell Kels! When I turned around there he was down on one knee. I heard him say I’ve talked to your dad and all your brothers and … then I blanked. I was in such shock! When I came back I heard him say will you marry me and I couldn’t even get words out! I stuttered for a second before I finally could get out of course! And just hugged him and told him how much I loved him while of course crying! It was an amazing moment and I couldn’t have asked for a better man or proposal! 

Groom-to-be: Ok let me just start this one by saying that I consider myself a pretty tough man, but I was shaking like a leaf when I asked her, that morning was pretty normal I think we went shopping or something like that, and we were going to carve a pumpkin that night, and that was my plan to carve the “big question” on my pumpkin, but earlier that day we took our lab for a walk in the fall woods, and it was too perfect of a day, the cool weather, the smell of fall, I knew I HAD to do it on that walk, so while she was playing fetch with our lab I told her to throw a stick while I stood behind her to “take a video” on Snapchat, after she chucked the stick I told her “that video came out cool check it out” as she turned around I was on one knee, before I could even mumble out the words (I rehearsed 1,000 times in my head) she said yes.

Tell Us About the First Time Your Knew You Loved Your Future Spouse!

Bride-to-be: This question is hard because I fell for Marc so quick and knew I wanted to spend my life with him from our first date together. If I had to pinpoint an exact moment it would be when we moved in together. We had absolutely nothing in our apartment other than a tv and a bed. So we took our tv and put it on the floor in the apartment and then took our mattress topper and covered it in blankets and laid that on the ground in front of the tv. We ordered Chinese food and rented a movie and hung out in our pajamas and just had such a great night. It was such a wholesome moment that we both could just be ourselves. We were goofy and didn’t have a care in the world that we didn’t have furniture or anything at the time. We were just happy and content being with each other and during that night I remember looking over at Marc sitting in his comfy clothes eating Chinese food not caring that I didn’t do my make up, had my hair in a messy bun and being so comfortable in his presence that I loved him. I love being with him and being able to fully be myself with no judgement is just the best feeling in the world. 

Groom-to-be: It’s hard to pinpoint an exact day that I knew I loved her, but if there was one day I had to say that I knew she was the one would have to be the year I shot my bear, she was the first one I called, and she was so excited for me, her and I drove to the spot I shot it (it was dark by that time), and she followed me without thinking twice into a dark swamp, to track a wounded bear, and when we found it she was just as excited to see the animal as I was, she kept telling me that “this is awesome” and “ you should try to shoot another one next year” and where in our future house we could put the mount…… oh yeah… that sealed the deal!

Dear Future Spouse…

Bride-to-be: Marc, It’s funny to think how far we have come in our lives together. From having literally nothing to having what feels like the entire world! And we built that together. We have the goofiest dog that I wonderfully surprised you with one day! To now expecting our first child in December. I know you’re going to be a great father and I am so glad God led me to you. When we say I do at our wedding just know that with saying “I Do” I’m going to love you, yes through sickness and health, but through all the good and bad. I promise that I will always support your dreams and aspirations as I know you will for me and as you already do. I will hold your hand through all the good and the bad and never leave your side. You are my absolute best friend and I can’t imagine life without you. I love you and thank you for all you do to make me happy and take care of our little family. 

Groom-to-be:  Kels, please be patient with me, I know I can be unbelievably stubborn, hot headed, and impatient but I promise that I will always make you and our soon to be child my top priority in life, you’re my best friend, and always will be.


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