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Today we’re going to talk about miscarriage. October is pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness month. My hope in this episode is to share my story and thoughts so that you can better understand what it’s like. We’ll also talk about some advice on how to console those who have experienced the unfortunate loss of their […]

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When life straight up sucker punches you. We decided to start trying for baby number two because we just love baby number one SO MUCH and we were sad about how fast she was growing. So our solution? Let’s make another! When we tried for Penelope, we did NOT get pregnant right away. This lead […]

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Even though I run my own full-time business When I mention to someone that I still second shoot, or assist other photographers, they always look at me weird and ask “why?” Let me tell you something friends, I love being a second shooter. It does me more good than it does the photographer I’m assisting! […]

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My Mom Style Explained Ahhh, mom life. Whether you’re a parent now, or planning to be, I’m sure you have some ideas of how you want to parent. Our parenting styles are being shaped our entire lives, from when we were children being raised ourselves, to watching younger cousins or children being raised, to seeing […]

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By Katelyn Samuels, Freshly Brewed Mama Note from Molly: OH MY GOSH I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS POST! Katelyn is one of my best friends! We met through Sigma Kappa during our college years and have stayed close ever since! Katelyn is an amazing resource for working mamas out there! She’s a former special education […]

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When my babe was finally outside the womb longer than she was inside Motherhood. Gosh, that word means so many things. My journey with motherhood won’t be the same as yours or the same as anyone else’s for that matter. I wanted to be a mother so badly. As long as I can remember I’ve […]

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To My Husband, Happy Anniversary! Can you believe it’s our first anniversary?! I cannot believe a year has already gone by since we said “I do.” When we first met, you captured my heart by being exactly who you are. You light up a room when you enter, you befriend everyone you meet, and you […]

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How My Prince Charming Asked Me to Marry Him   Once a upon time there lived a spunky young shutterbug who was obsessed with good old fashioned romance. Yes, that young lassie was and is me. My dreams consisted of someone stealing me a blue french horn, someone thrusting their first into the air because […]

56 Days


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56 Days Until I Become a Mrs. 56 Days. That’s it. 56 more days and I’ll no longer be Molly Allen. 56 days and I’ll be the new Mrs. Krajewski. I was driving today on my way to pick up some more decorations when it hit me.. when did this happen?! You spend your whole […]

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