I didn't always know I wanted to be a photographer. But what I did know? Was that I LOVED love. Ever since I can remember I loved watching all the Disney Princesses find their Prince Charming and I couldn't wait for the day that white horse trotted into my life carrying my man. As I got older, rom coms became my favorite thing to watch for movie night! I remember when it came time for the family to vote on what we would watch, everyone would roll their eyes when I asked for a romantic comedy! So, it's no surprise my dream job turned into photographing love stories! I still, cannot get enough!

I'M Molly, and this is my work

I'm happiest at home with a cup of coffee (black, dark roast please!), watching Gilmore Girls, with a rescue pup snuggled on my lap. 

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hello there!


I'm happiest at home with a cup of coffee (heavy on the cream & sugar), flipping through a J.Crew catalog AND Instagram, with a puppy snuggled on my feet. 


Hey there!

sitting at my kitchen island, editing sessions or working on content, drinking coffee, or hanging out with my AMAZING little family comprised of my hunky husband, beautiful baby girl, and two rescue pups! I'm mostly known for taking bright & airy photographs, hitting people when I laugh, and for my love of Gilmore Girls and The Office! My friends often refer to me as Molls (My mom did it the other day, and that shocked me! I guess it's catching on!) I love serving couples as their photographer. Providing people with beautiful photos that capture how they were feeling in the moment is something that brings me joy! I also love educating others on how they can rock their business because being an entrepreneur is something I'm so passionate about! Speaking of my passions- I love 90's country music, lysol wipes, Jesus, and spending quality time with my family and friends. Whether we're out adventuring, or sitting at home on the couch, I'm just happy making memories! (wow.. that sounded a lot cornier than I intended... but it's true!)

I do two things: I photograph joyful couples and people with style, elegance, and grace. My Grandmother always told me, "it's the marriage that matters, not the wedding." Staying true to that very thought, I love capturing the love between a couple and how they were feeling in that moment. I want people to be able to look back on their pictures and remember how they felt and how they still feel about each other.

I also educate and serve entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business and pursing what they love! I'm lucky enough to give them tools that helped me when I was in their position, and to inspire them to keep growing this dream of theirs into a successful reality!

When I'm not busy playing the photographer or working on my business, you can find me on the lake in the summer, skiing in the winter, and hanging out with the people I love most! If you're dying to hear more, here are 5 fun facts about me!

Most days you can find me

MY Fun Facts


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I think i actually swoon when bridesmaid dresses are sequined




Ask anyone who knows me, I don't think I could live without it! No shame

Dry Shampoo



My all time favorite food is cobb salad. As soon as I see it on a menu- game. over.

Cobb Salad



Dark MagiC. Always. With some cinnamon & Coconut oil!

Green Mountain



How I met your Mother, & THE OFFICE are my all time favorite shows and I'm constantly rotating between the three.

Gilmore Girls



Gotta have my daily Dose of jesus!

She Reads



concerts happen every time I'm in the shower *Insert shrug emoji here*

Beyonce Status

a little extra magic.



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