Episode 8: Creating Simple Systems in Your Business

July 29, 2020

With Chaya Gutnick Meet Chaya! Chaya Gutnick is someone who helps business owners create simple systems so that they can get things done faster. In her last full time employee position, she was able to complete her work in 15 hours a week. So when she was looking to start consulting and looking into how […]

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With Chaya Gutnick

8. Creating Simple Systems in Your Business

Meet Chaya! Chaya Gutnick is someone who helps business owners create simple systems so that they can get things done faster. In her last full time employee position, she was able to complete her work in 15 hours a week.

Meet Chaya!

Chaya Gutnick is someone who helps business owners create simple systems so that they can get things done faster. In her last full time employee position, she was able to complete her work in 15 hours a week. So when she was looking to start consulting and looking into how she could really benefit business owners, that’s what stood out to her. I mean, what business owner doesn’t want to turn their 40 hour work week into 15 hours of work a week!?

Her WHY is really to help you guys figure out how to get meet all your goals and really get there but not do it in a way that’s overwhelming and all over the place where you constantly feel pulled in so many directions.

She has managed a team of 20+ people so she knows what it takes to keep things running smoothly while making time for needle moving activities. Chaya is pursuing a doctoral degree in organizational leadership and is always looking to learn something new!

You can check out her website at controlmychaos.com

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The Interview Cliff Notes:

Molly: I love how you said that you help people know establish the system so that they’re more productive. But I think a lot of people when talking about business don’t even really know what a system is. Can you explain that? What is a system in your business?

Chaya: A system is just like a repeatable way of doing something. It can look like a checklist, it can look like a software that you use to do a certain thing. It can be like really simple things like book marking Facebook groups. So instead of going on Facebook, getting lost for 25 minutes wondering why I’m even on there, right? I just click on my bookmarks tab, open all and all those groups are open. So those are some relatable examples of what a system could be.

Molly:  What would you say to people that feel they’re just too busy to take the time to create a system?

Chaya: I would say a few things. I would say if you’re happy where your business is at right now, then that’s fine. You don’t have to create systems, right? Like, if your business is working well, you’re happy with your life, you’re happy with the amount of time you have and all that stuff, then you’re not one who needs a system, and that’s fine. But most of us don’t fall into that category. And if you don’t fall into that category, and you do want to create systems, I would just recommend time blocking it off in your calendar- set a time. First think what are the  things that you do every day that you’d like to create systems for? And then let’s say you start blocking off an hour for creating one type of system or creating another type of system. 

If you’re not finding the time, you need to make the time, that’s really what I would say. You need to decide that it’s important to you. It takes discipline. And one of the things that, that I remind people all the time is, when you don’t want to sit down and think about systems, think about your goals. Just think about your goal and say, I have to do this hard thing in order to get to my goal. 

Molly: Do you have any tips to help people stick to a system that they’ve created?

Chaya: Okay, so I was actually talking to someone yesterday and we were talking all about personality, and how different people need different types of systems. Like some people need visual systems. Some people need a really technical system. Some people just like a simple spreadsheet, right? Try and think back to a system that has worked for you in the past, and think about why it worked for you and then try and replicate that. 

As far as sticking to your systems, the first thing I always recommend is choose a system that’s going to work for you. Figure out the type of system you need in order for it to work for you. The second thing is is that visualize your goals. For example, you could visualize where you want to be in five years, and what your life is going to look like and what you’re going to do and what you’re going to have, or, really what your day would look like. And every time you don’t want to do your work, or you don’t want to follow through, think about that. You can even above your computer, put a picture of the type of house that you’d like to live in. I was just working with a client who wants to move somewhere. So he’s going to put up a picture of the neighborhood he wants to move into. Try visualizing as much as possible that goal that you have, and it can either be a five year goal or a six month goal- whatever works best for you.

Molly: I’m not gonna lie when I first started business, I didn’t know what scaling meant. So I want you to just kind of talk about What does that mean to scale your business? And how do these systems help you do that?

Chaya:  So scaling your business really just means to grow your business, to make it bigger, whatever bigger means to you. Does that mean servicing more clients and making a bigger impact? Does that mean you’re more profitable and therefore meet your goals in a different way? Does that mean you’re more profitable, and you can therefore give back to your community to causes that are important to you? So, scaling means growing, everybody has a different goal when it comes to growing and it just means growing closer to that goal. 

That’s what I would say scaling means, and systems help you get there. So, systems help you do things faster so you’re able to do more things in less time. But, also what I focus on when I’m working with people is simplifying and staying really focused because a lot of us get distracted easily. We’re like, oh, I should be on Facebook. I should be on Instagram, I should be on LinkedIn, I should be on tik tok, right? And we come up with all this stuff that we’re excited to do, but it’s almost to a fault because you’re all over the place and then not doing anything well. So focus on doing less things better. Quality over quantity. 

So one of the first things we’ll also kind of focus on is what are your goals and what are the fastest ways to get there. That’s why I’m all about simple systems because they help you to get stuff done faster. Then, if you have a really good system set up, then outsourcing and delegating becomes so much easier because you already have systems in place for people to learn.

Molly: What are some tips you can give people so that they can grow their business faster and stronger?

Chaya: Yeah, so the first thing that I would say is this: with tips, it’s easy to like see a tip and do it or say you do it, but you really need to go all in. If you hear a tip, and you’re not actually fully using it, you’re not really going to get all the benefits. So this is going to be something that you’ve heard before, but if you’re not really doing it fully, you’re probably not at all getting the benefits of it. The tip is scheduling your day. Instead of having a to do list, schedule it on your calendar, so anything that you would otherwise put on your to do list, schedule it. It could be client calls, certain marketing activities that you’re doing, sales activities that you’re doing, content creation, whatever that looks like in your business, time block those things out.

I would also say see what you can eliminate and eliminate as much as possible. Anything that’s not actually getting you to your goals, eliminate it. 

The next thing I would say is like automate, right? You look at things that can be done automatically and set that up. Then if you’re at the point in your business where you can delegate I mean, definitely looking at what can be delegated

Keep tabs on Chaya!
Chaya has a Facebook group called Business Owners Scale Simple Systems that you can join HERE! She does a ton of free trainings in the group about every 6 weeks!

Follow her journey:
Website | Instagram: @chaoscontrol_| LinkedIn


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