Episode 3: One HUGE Business Success Hack That Isn’t Talked About Enough!

July 6, 2020

How to set yourself apart from the rest Do you feel unseen in your business? Do you feel like you’re shouting to the masses and you just don’t know how to stand out? Then let’s start on today’s topic- A rarely talked about business success hack. Today we’re going to talk about one business success […]

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How to set yourself apart from the rest

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3. One HUGE Business Success Hack

One HUGE Business Success Hack That Isn’t Talked About Enough!     Do you feel unseen in your business. Do you feel like you’re shouting to the masses and you just don’t know how to stand out? Then let’s start on today’s topic- A rarely talked about business success hack.

Do you feel unseen in your business? Do you feel like you’re shouting to the masses and you just don’t know how to stand out? Then let’s start on today’s topic- A rarely talked about business success hack. Today we’re going to talk about one business success hack that I don’t think is talked about enough in the industry. It’s a real truth, and something simple that you can start doing TODAY to gain the momentum you need to move forward.

This topic is a little golden nugget and here it is-  If you want to succeed in your business, you need to shift your mindset to always be thinking “how do I add more value.” That’s literally it. That’s the big secret. And I feel like no one ever talks about it. 

Now even though it’s a quick easy little tip, changing our mindset can be tough to do. Often times in business, we work so hard that we start to almost feel entitled. We start gaining this mindset of “I deserve this and the success that comes with it” because I put in all this time and I worked so hard. but in reality, everyone is working hard and the only way to success IS to work hard- there is no shortcut. 

But shifting our mindset to one that focuses on value over volume is one that will do WONDERS for you business.

So how do we set ourselves apart from all the other hustlers out here? We have to add more value.

People fail in their business because they’re not thinking “how can I do more and add more value.” They’re just thinking money money money, bookings, bookings, bookings, followers, followers, followers. 

I was a total example for this when I first started. My biggest thing was just focusing on getting that next booking or client. But when I stopped doing that and shifted my mindset to serving my current clients SUPER WELL, like better than any one else, my business changed, and changed for the better. 

Tony Robbins said this during my business course “We’re all equal as souls, but we’re not all equal in the market place. It’s our job to become UNequal in the market place!” The only way we do that, is to add more value. 

Now, let’s dive into a way we can add more value as business owners to our clients.

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Tip #1.) Get to learnin – I could probably make this a tip for everything. You all know I’m a forever learner but there’s a reason. There’s always something to learn. For this topic, I want you to be working harder on yourself than you do at your job. You should be working harder to become more valuable to your audience. The best way to do that is to learn. Immerse yourself in personal and business development. This should be something that you never stop doing. I believe in doing some sort of personal or business development for at least 30 minutes everyday. When you start doing this, you’re going to be able to gain advice and knowledge that you can pass on to your following. People don’t always want to be sold to. They want to feel encouraged, uplifted, and inspired! When you work on yourself, you’ll gain material to share with your following that will help them start to build themselves up and also, to start building your credibility and authority as an expert. Bonus points if you share with your following what you’re doing to further your knowledge! Listening to a podcast- share it. Just read an awesome book- tell them about it. Taking a course- talk about it! People want to see what you’re doing that puts you in a place to be called an expert.

Tip #2.) Think of your ideal client- I want you to think about who exactly it is you’re trying to reach. You should be thinking about what they need, and what you can give them to add value to their life or experience. So for example, maybe you’re a dog trainer, but your real interest or passion- is dogs with high anxiety- so there’s your really refined niche. Once you know your refined niche and ideal client, you need to be focusing on that person only- so for our example, the person who has a dog with high anxiety. Your captions on social media should speak to that person directly. When you keep your ideal client in mind- brainstorming ways you can add value to them becomes easy! You could create a freebie with your top three tricks to help manage a dogs anxiety. Now notice- it’s only 3-5 tips or tricks- or only a condensed overview of your expertise- you’re not giving them everything because if you do that, then you have nothing to sell. But you’re giving them enough where they feel that they get value from you, and they learn to trust you and start to see you as the expert on the subject. You can do this in your captions as well! You could write one tip in a caption that would benefit your ideal client. 

If you’re interested in making a freebie and don’t know where to start, I’m linking my favorite design app in the show notes! If you sign up and make a design through the link provided, you’ll earn a free credit! So check it out! It makes designing content SUPER easy!

Tip #3.) Market Research- Study what other successful people in your niche are doing. I’m NOT telling you to copy them because that will get you nowhere! If you look at one person in your niche that’s where you want to be- I want you to see if they’re doing something that adds enormous value. If they’re successful, I’m sure they are. But let that fuel you to figure out how you can add value to your business. See what kind of stuff they’re offering. Your value will needs to be different than theirs because 1. YOU’RE DIFFERENT, and 2.) Because you’re different, you’re attracting a different kind of person or client. Look and see if it’s a free download, a free webinar, maybe they post IGTV’s with tips for that niche, see what they’re doing so that you can brainstorm on the different ways on how to get your value out there.

Tip #4.) Engage- If you really want to add value- engage with your following. Don’t be so focused on the numbers that you forget to create genuine connections. So how can you create those connections? When someone comments on your post, like or love their response, and then comment on it as well. Every. Single. Time. Do not let one comment go unanswered. If someone DM’s you, answer. If someone replies to your story- answer! And use it as a chance to build connection! Ask them what’s new, ask them about themselves- ENGAGE. 

Here’s the truth- people want to interact with a human! They want to feel connected to you.  This could be another change to reflect on the people you look up to the most in your niche- why do you like them so much? Do they engage with their following? Do they feel real? Do they share their personal life as well as their professional biz? I bet they do! And there’s a reason they do it. People crave connection and authenticity. So don’t be afraid to show up and be you.

When it comes to adding value keep this front of mind: know who you’re dealing with, know what they want from you, know what they fear/struggle with, know what excites them- and be able to meet those needs better than they can meet them themselves. Pull them into becoming a client by providing them with an irresistible offer or content that’s full of SO MUCH VALUE. 

Keep this in mind though- adding value- doesn’t mean you have to offer a freebie of some sort. It means showing up for your client in a REAL way. It can be small things like writing meaningful captions! As in, captions that are more than the word “swoon!” Talk about you so they can get to know you, talk about what you’re working on, share some advice for them- right there in your captions! You could poll your audience and ask them what they would like to hear or learn about, ask them what they’re struggling with right now, and then fill that need for them. 

It’s like the bible says in Matthew 20:26: whoever wants to be a leader among you, must first be a servant. 

So think of ways you can stop selling and start SERVING. When you do that, people will see all this value you’re giving them FOR FREE, and they’re going to wonder how much more value they would receive if they were an actual client from you. When they see how much you serve them with meaningful content, their mindset is going to shift and they’re going to start seeing you as an expert and authority figure in your niche. They’re going to start trusting you, feeling like they know you, and they’re going to want to give you their business over someone else who hasn’t added that extra value to their life. 

Our job as business owners is to provide value to our following. We want to give them a REASON to follow us. So what value are you going to deliver that will leave an impact on their life?

This tip is seriously gold. If you’re struggling with standing out in the crowd start adding more value to your business TODAY. You WILL see a difference. 

So to wrap it up let’s go over three action items we can do today to move the needle forward:

  1. Action step #1: Post on social media today using a caption that provides one piece of advice to your ideal client. Think of what their biggest struggle is, and address it! 

  2. Maybe you’re a wedding photog- post advice about preparing for the wedding day

  3. Maybe you’re a makeup artist- write something about how they can get the most out of their trial

  4. Maybe you’re a coach- write an encouraging tip that people can start implementing day!

I could go on forever with examples but all you have to do is think of your ideal client, what their needs are, and how you can serve them. Then take that and bundle it up in a caption!

  • Action Step #2: I want you to sit down and write out a list of the top 3-5 things your ideal client is struggling with. Focus on those, and use those as ideas to write meaningful captions going forward. Or if you’re feeling really wild, you could create a downloadable freebie addressing their struggles! Don’t skip this step. It will only take a couple minutes but will give you so much clarity going forward!

  • Action Step #3: Engage with 5 people in your following. Do this by DMing the people who are most active on your feed (they like your content, and comment on your content the most), and strike up a conversation. Reply to all comments on your posts and stories from here on out in a personal way. Don’t just reply with the same generic response to everyone. Really be intentional with your responses.

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